Client : Seedhub


Seedhub is a "tech startup incubator program". They create and provide an environment for startups to flourish, providing the essential facilities for any new business looking to get their idea off the ground; support, consultants, computers and basic business supplies.


Seedhub then help secure a 'pre-seed' investment, up to £100k, to help new businesses get their marketing in place, including help with pitch decks and helping them to gain further investment in the future.


To create and design a new logo, including font and icon, which defined their concept. Seedhub were certain they wanted to avoid a 'corporate' feel, to attract startups, to show that professional and quality help is on hand.


We designed the icon and font using Illustrator and both designs were hand drawn. The icon represents the idea of a seed starting its life cycle - it has just begun to grow, it's coming out of the ground and is finding its way, it is no longer just an idea, it is present and needs nurturing. The custom font maximised this idea; straight lines and a simple form, the bare essentials, no frills. We also tweaked the current existing scheme and found imagery which encompasses the brand and their values.