Venus Mag Cover.jpg

Client : VENUS Magazine


The Venus Awards host an award ceremony for women in business, recognising up and coming talent, entrepreneurship and trailblazers in their industry.


Empowering women, in particular women in business, is the main ethos and driving force behind the Venus Awards.


To design and create a magazine which would be available to attendees at the award ceremony. The magazine had to encompass all that the Venus Awards stands for; celebrating women in business, high achievers who are striving for more and want to enjoy life.


We were tasked with designing the cover, the content, the editorial pages and some of the print adverts.  The design had to allow for plenty of content that remained engaging to the readers.


We created an 80-page magazine with articles ranging from fashion to travel to business.  We purposely chose a layout that embodied the likes of popular women magazines, such as Vogue and Bazaar. The layout had to allow for strong editorial pieces, articles which highlighted the success the of the nominees, balanced against adverts for local businesses, predominantly advertising products aimed at women.  The reader is entrepreneurial, smart, successful and is someone who wants to learn and be inspired at the same time.


We picked a secondary font, for the headlines, to ensure continuity throughout the magazine, remaining playful in terms of colour and design; ensuring each article stood out and was engaging and yet was in keeping with the underlying theme.


The design is ultimately bold, vibrant and appealing to successful professional women.